Edgewood Bogs Sustainability Statement

We place great importance in the safety and quality of our product.  As the first United States grower to achieve EUREPGAP (now GLOBALGAP) Certification, we can assure you that our cranberries are grown to very stringent standards following an extensive set of compliance points.  GLOBALGAP is one of the strictest GAP(Good Agricultural Practices) certification programs currently available and takes into account Food Safety as well as environmental responsibility and the health and welfare of employees.  GLOBALGAP is a private sector body that sets voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products around the world.

Edgewood’s perfect score on this voluntary certification, as well as Edgewood’s Gold Status from Nature’s Choice Certification and our current process of becoming LEAF (Linking Environment And Farm) certified sets the standard for leadership in food safety and sustainability. 


At Edgewood Bogs LLC we have taken numerous steps to lessen our impact on the environment and have made significant strides in sustainable agriculture.  As a 4th generation family business, we are committed to cultural practices that will enhance the viability of Edgewood Bogs for the next generation.

Reducing our carbon footprint has always been very important to us at Edgewood Bogs.  After consulting with NStar for an energy audit, we replaced all of our lighting in the maintenance shop with high efficiency, low energy bulbs. Automatic sensors which power lights on and off with movement were also installed.  These actions alone reduced our carbon outlay by 8159 pounds per year.

Edgewood Bogs’ state-of-the-art, sustainable processing facility is currently under construction and will be in service for the 2010 harvest.  We have contracted with Nexamp, Inc. and were awarded a grant to help install an 18.9 KW solar system.  This renewable source of energy  is the equivalent of saving 332 trees and 27,991 pounds of carbon during the first year of use and reduces 100% of our energy needs for the current building.  Over the life of the system, 7803 trees will be saved and our calculated carbon reduction is 659,355 pounds! Once this system is in place we have plans for expansion of the solar system to offset the energy needs of the new facility. Both buildings will then rely on solar power for all of their energy requirements.

Realizing that every small step can make a difference, Edgewood has also taken the following actions toward sustainable agriculture.



We devote considerable time, money, and resources at Edgewood Bogs to find new efficiencies in farming that will increase our productivity while conserving resources on the farm and improving production and fruit quality.   We are aware that it is our duty to ensure that operations do not adversely affect the environment and have taken the following actions to support this.


We feel a great responsibility to our employees and their families, as well as the communities surrounding us.   We have worked hard to be a top-notch company where employees are proud to say they belong.  Many of our employees have been with the company for 25+ years.  Our part- time seasonal employees return to work year after year.  We provide a competitive wage with a generous benefit package.   We realize farming requires a unique commitment based on Mother Nature and we are fortunate and proud to have such a dedicated group of employees.

Our employees participate in our charitable giving program by suggesting charities for our donations  We contribute regularly to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, St. Jude”s Research Center, Make A Wish Foundation, Miracle Flights for Children, Immigrants Assistance Center, Inc.,and The New England Center For Homeless Veterans.  We are also instituting a program where each employee will donate a day of their time with the charity of their choice.