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The Cranberry Harvest

The process of growing and harvesting cranberries is unique to any other type of farming. Our cranberries are harvested using two distinct methods.

Fruit that is dry harvested must be picked in ideal dry conditions to prevent exposure to moisture. The fruit is harvested with machines which are similar in appearance to large upright lawn mowers. As the machines are steered around the bog, steel combs remove the cranberries from the vines. The berries are then placed in plastic bins and lifted off the bog by helicopters to prevent damage to the bog. These cranberries are for the fresh fruit market.

Wet harvested fruit is picked by first flooding the bog with water. A machine called a water reel harvester drives around the bog dislodge the berries from the vine. The floating berries are the corralled with booms and are pumped into trucks. They are then transported to a receiving plant for cleaning and sorting. Water harvested berries are processed into juice or sauce, or sold for concentration.